Lakewood is a patriotic community that invites you to enjoy some all-American fun. Discover majestic gardens, lakes, golf courses and green spaces. Fort Steilacoom Park is the home to 340+ acres of trails and prairie lands ready for you to explore. Enjoy scenic walks throughout the year and a place to bike, bird watch and play fetch with your dog. Fish, swim or boat in clear-water lakes and then relax in beautiful and serene gardens. 

Tour the past and venture through Lakewood’s historic sites. Learn about life as an American soldier centuries ago and view extraordinary old barns dating back to the 1930s. Lakewood has a wonderful mix of shops and restaurants to visit in its multicultural shopping districts. From laid-back to active recreation, Lakewood is a city of golf and gardens.

Top Five

  1. Fort Steilacoom Park
  2. Scenic Lakes for Boating + Fishing
  3. Majestic Gardens
  4. Multicultural Shopping Districts
  5. Stunning Golf Courses

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