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To completely check a region like this - a region with an iconic national park mountain, surrounded by picturesque small towns - off your bucket list, there are a few "musts": A hike, a meal, a museum, a guided tour, a unique experience, and an overnight.

And since one pre-built itinerary is never going to have exactly what you're looking for, Travel Tacoma is letting you pick and choose where to be adventurous (the "Wild" options, below), and where to take it slow and easy (the "Mild" options, below). Combine them to build an itinerary that's right for you and your family.


A walk or hike is almost a prerequisite of any Pacific Northwest experience, let alone one to a region with a national park and miles trails on the border between small towns and the great, wide wilderness. So if you're looking for high-alpine adventure, you can snowshoe the snowfield (in winter and spring - usually through June or into July!) or hike alongside some of the most luxuriant fields of wildflowers. Or if a family meander (or even a bike ride) is more your pace, the Sumner Link Trail is the spot for you.

Wild: Skyline Trail Snowshoe at Paradise

You won't find more spectacular views than from the crystal clear air of Paradise. // More

Mild: Sumner Link Trail

// More


Finding the right meal for your adventure level is a crucial part of your experience. In Ashford, in the shadow of Mount Rainier, you can dig into a hearty mountain meal (or take one to go) and follow it up with famous blackberry pie a la mode at Copper Creek. Or down in Sumner, relax in one of the most picturesque dining spots in all of Washington State: Windmill Bistro.

Wild: Copper Creek Restaurant

Copper Creek Restaurant is a stop for some of the best blackberry pie on earth. // More

Mild: Windmill Bistro

A beautiful, tucked-away restaurant with attached garden and tea room. // More


Museums offer a glimpse into what is truly the foundation of an area, so they're an important part of a full itinerary. Therefore we're offering an interactive historical option, and a gritty, artistic option.

Wild: Recycled Spirits of Iron

Just outside Ashford near Mount Rainier, Recycled Spirits of Iron showcases bigger-than-life… // More

Mild: Pioneer Farm Museum and Ohop Indian Village

A hands-on experiential museum that's fun for families // More


Sometimes it's best to leave it to the experts, or at least to have an expert by your side as you discover something new. Whether that new thing is the lesser-known side of a major national park, or an expansive car collection on the site of a former convent. 

Wild: Discover Nature Tour of Mount Rainier

In any season, the way to see Mount Rainier is with Diann Sheldon and her team at Discover… // More

Mild: The LeMay Collections at Marymount

The sprawling, unique collection of automobiles (and Rodin sculptures, and other things) is… // More


There are some epic experiences that are deeply tied to the place where you can have them. You would want to do a beer tour in Munich. You would take a cooking class in Paris. Here, in a region with a strong connection to automotive history, you'd want to learn how to drive a Ford Model T. And in a place with so much rugged mountain terrain, you'd want to go off-road to see wildlife.

Wild: Northwest Trek Wildlife Park Keeper Adventure Tour

Go off-road in a specially-outfitted Jeep, guided by a Northwest Trek keeper. // More

Mild: Ford Model-T Driver's Ed Class

After just a few minutes' instruction, you'll be taking one of the most iconic automobiles… // More


The end to a day of exploration and adventure can be as important as the day itself. So whether you want to stay out in seclusion, or find affordable accommodations closer to the city, we have something you'll find perfect.

Wild: Stay at the Mountain

There's a cabin, cottage, Airbnb, or other out-of-the-way accommodation waiting for you. // More

Mild: Sumner Hotels

// More

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