Virtual Tours of Tacoma and Pierce County

It's the next-best thing to seeing it yourself

Remember that scene in The Ring, where the creepy girl stutter-crawls toward the camera, then out of the TV? Now imagine that, but with more craft beer and less murder.

Pretty Gritty Tours is hosting a virtual (online) beer tour that also reaches over into the real world. After you register and pay, Pretty Gritty either sends you a selection of local craft beers, or you pick them up. Then, at the appointed time, you log in and join a tour group, led by their very seasoned and mostly sober guides. Not a beer drinker? They also have the same thing, but with sweets: Tacoma's best candy, doughnuts, and confections.

Through some act of providence, Pretty Gritty Tours are also professional videographers and amateur historians, and have put together outstanding virtual tours that are worth gluing yourself to screen for a while. Here are a few:

Sixth Avenue Virtual Tour


Old City Hall Virtual Tour


Haunted Tour of Foss Waterway Seaport


Google Maps has included a 360-degree photo function that allows for the creation of some really immersive experiences. Here are a few:

Fort Nisqually 360-Degree Virtual Tour (via Google Maps)


Point Defiance Rose Garden 360-Degree Virtual Tour (via Google Maps)