Fact Sheets

Learn more about Tacoma + Pierce County with these informative, downloadable fact sheets:

Get the facts of the region, including demographics, climate, population and more
This region is getting plenty of attention lately, and we've got a list of awards and accolades to prove it.
Discover what each of the communities in Pierce County has to offer
Every year, more than 6 million visitors come to Pierce County. Here's what they do while they're here.
Learn about Pierce County's historical sites, including the oldest town in the state of Washington
Explore Tacoma + Pierce County's culturally diverse and distinct attractions, museums and theaters
Experience Pierce County's one-of-a-kind cuisine
Indulge in the best drinks in Tacoma + Pierce County at distilleries and microbreweries
Don't go far to experience the joys of farming in Pierce County
Find your form of fun in Tacoma + PIerce County with many recreational activities to choose from
Get the facts about first-rate golf in Tacoma + Pierce County
Discover the best ways to get around Tacoma + Pierce County
All you need to know about Tacoma + Pierce County's new brand identity