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The Elegance of the Harp

  • 8836A SMA Van Autreve
  • Fort Lewis, WA 98433
  • (253) 267-5988

Twyla Eddins was playing the Piano by ear at the age of four, when her musical studies began. The Accordion was her next undertaking, followed by the Clarinet, Guitar and Organ. She pursued the Saw and later her father's Violin in the University orchestra. 

However, inspired by the luminous qualities of the Harp, she discovered a oneness with the 'instrument of the angels.' She soon realized the Harp would be a permanent part of her future. 

Twyla's talents and tenacity have led to many concerts and performances in castles and on cruise ships throughout the world. Stage shows and media contact have also brought expression of human visage to her work. 

Her varied audiences have given her the opportunity to touch hearts and lives from all walks of life.The style of Twyla's playing creates a most soothing and relaxing atmosphere, and her varied repertoire projects an ethereal mood. Her music speaks to the heart, and brings peace and serenity to those who witness the tranquility and depth her music emanates. 

Tempered with life experiences, her pursuit is to establish a timeless beauty of peace and harmony to all.Someone once said, 'Fingers dancing upon the strings of the heart. They add joy to life. May there be more joy.'