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Tacoma Narrows Bridge

  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Tacoma, WA 98335

Walking across the Narrows Bridge in Tacoma is one of many urban hikes or walks you can take right in the city limits of Tacoma, but it's one of the best. No other walk will get you such amazing views from 200 feet above the Puget Sound. You'll see everything from wildlife to mountains to open sky (it's not much fun to take this walk on a rainy day so wait for blue or mildly cloudy skies for best results), all while enjoying a level, paved path along with the newer of the two bridges that traverse this span.

The "newer" bridge was built in 2007 to alleviate the crazy traffic that used to clog the formerly single bridge between Tacoma and Gig Harbor. It's this newer bridge that has a pedestrian and bike path. The older bridge does not allow foot traffic.

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