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Snapbar - A Photo Experience Company

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Snapbar is a perfect solution for anyone looking to add engagement and social content to their events. With their cutting-edge photo and video tools, Snapbar offers an products that are well suited for any modern event.

One of Snapbar's flagship products is Snapshot, an online photo booth app that turns everyone's mobile device into an on-brand event camera. In short, it's a photo booth experience in your pocket. Whether you're hosting a user conference, music festival or tradeshow, Snapshot allows you to capture the fun and excitement of the moment with ease. With its sleek user-interface and customizable branding options, Snapshot is the perfect way to engage your audience and generate shareable content.

Snapbar also offers Story, a product that is the perfect solution for anyone looking to capture testimonials, feedback, or ideas via bite-sized video content. With Story, your audience can share their thoughts and ideas with ease, allowing you to better understand their needs and preferences. Whether you're looking to gather customer feedback, employee testimonials, or simply capture the energy and excitement of your event, Story makes it easy and fun.

Finally, there's Studio. This tool makes it easy to capture, coordinate, and manage headshots at events, or for remote and hybrid teams. With Studio, users can take professional-quality headshots quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring that your team or event attendees receive a consistent and on-brand experience.

Overall, Snapbar's suite of photo and video tools offers a powerful and versatile way to connect with your audience, engage your team, and drive content creation. So if you're looking to take your events to the next level, Snapbar is ready to work with you!