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Legendary Doughnuts

  • 2602 6th Avenue
  • Tacoma, WA 98406
  • (253) 327-1327

Legendary Doughnuts has 4 styles of doughnuts and one specialty doughnut:Legendary, Famous, Amateur, Extraordinary and Doughsant!

Legendary – Our signature w/ fancy toppings & fillings

Famous – simpler toppingsĀ 

Amateur – plain w/glaze or frosting Extraordinary – specialty doughnuts & doughsants

Doughsant – Doughnut Croissant; filled, topped or plain


Legendary has many varieties of doughnuts with an ever changing selection daily. When ordering doughnuts for a group, it is best to call and place your order ONE DAY IN ADVANCE by calling our Tacoma location at [253] 327-1327.

Specialty Dozens:

Amateur Dozen – All Amateur Doughnuts

Mix and Match Dozen – 4 Legendary including unfilled Doughsants, 4 Famous and 4 Amateur

Legendary Dozen – All Legendary Doughnuts including unfilled Doughsants