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Enhanced Visual Images Inc.

  • 1112 S 344th St
  • Ste 305
  • Federal Way, WA 98003
  • (253) 661-6500

EVI Digital is a full service digital media production company offering complete creative writing, production, videotaping, editing, encoding, authoring and event production at very reasonable prices.

Enhanced Visual Images, Inc.

Our mission is simple: tell a story... tell your story. Sometimes we do it in :30 seconds, sometimes in 10 minutes.

We're not new to this, in fact, most of our staff has more than 15 years in the business. That means you'll work with experienced creative writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, post-production designers, talent and more. Best of all, we do it all at a surprisingly affordable rate. We'd rather develop a unique solution to work within your budget, than try to fit your business into a cookie-cutter template.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional ability to meet tight deadlines, and we offer on-time delivery throughout the entire project. Your business is important to us, and we'll do more than what it takes to keep it.

Enhance Your Image With EVI
Producers of corporate films, television commercials and DVD authoring.
A team dedicated to bringing a clients message and events to life with clarity and power. We offer superior media expertise, creative collaboration, and a commitment to service. We are your bridge between technology and story. And, we do great stuff.

Services available:
Film: 35mm & 16mm…features, visual effects, commercial , corporate
Production: Betacam sp, High Definition, Digital Video
Corporate/Visual marketing
TV Commercial Production
Creative Layout and Script development, Production Management, Casting, Development
Computer graphics, visual effects 2d and 3D animation
DVD Authoring / Programming / Encoding