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Daffodil Festival

  • 310 N Meridian
  • #205
  • Puyallup, WA 98371
  • (253) 840-4194

Daffodil Festival signature event of Spring, scholarships, coronation, family, parades. The Daffodil Festival was organized in 1934 and was managed by a Board of Directors which was made up of local Pierce County community leaders. In 1965 a hosting group, called the Daffodilians, was formed to act as the official hosting and visitation unit of the Daffodil Festival. In 1996 the two organizations merged into one organization called the Daffodilians. The governing body of the Daffodilians, known as the Executive Board, consists of 4 elected officers and 10 appointed vice-presidents.Our Mission Focus national and regional attention on our local area as a place to live and visit. Give Citizens of Pierce County a civic endeavor to 'Rally 'round', fostering civic pride in advantages. Give young people and organizations of the local area an opportunity to display their talents and abilities and to give vent to their enthusiasm in parades, pageantry and events. Stimulate the business economy through expenditures by and for the Festival and by visitors attracted during Festival Week.