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Campfire Coffee

  • 1554 Market St #101
  • Tacoma, WA 98402

We roast coffee over a campfire, the way people did it for hundreds maybe thousands of years before industrial roasters became a thing. This lost art of fire roasting is difficult to get down but the taste is so worth it. Just imagine a cozy coffee roast, sitting around the fire pit sharing laughs and memories. That’s Campfire Coffee. We love camping and being with people we love. Our idea of a good time is being outside around a fire kickin’ back great food, great drinks with even greater company. We’re really excited about working with community organizations to get more families into nature. We believe coffee is an awesome tool to push this forward. We don’t claim to be coffee experts, were not coffee snobs. We appreciate a good roast, we love a rich single origin and a fun blend but if cream and sugar is how you roll it’s how we roll. We respect the nuances of coffee but even more, we respect that everyone has their thing. We are excited to bring this fun coffee + outdoor experience to you.

  • Free Parking: