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Area 253 Glassblowing

  • 2514 Holgate Street
  • Tacoma, WA 98402
  • (253) 779-0101
Meeting Facilities

Glassblowing is the extreme sport of the art world.

Come join Patrick & Rachelle Cahill, the owners, who are passionate about glassblowing. Whether you are a new glassblower, a novice or a seasoned artist they will provide you with a quality experience and a well equipped hot shop.

Area 253 Glassblowing is the first Tacoma based public access glassblowing studio. 

Area 253 offers beginning, intermediate and advanced glassblowing classes along with corporate/private parties, special events, one-on-one experiences, and private lessons with a professional glass artisan. 

Most classes last about four hours, and your artwork will be ready to pick up or be shipped within 48 hours. 

  • DescriptionArea 253 Glassblowing has a large workroom suitable for team meetings, and as a place to have lunch during the workshop session.
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