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A Good Book

  • 1014 Main Street
  • Sumner, WA 98325
  • (253) 891-9692

A Good Book is located in downtown Sumner, Washington. It's a quaint little store, run by a quirky cast of characters who adore books. The store is—and not necessarily in a Doctor Who sort of way, but if you get the reference, then yes, you know exactly what we're talking about—bigger on the inside than the outside. And what's inside? Well, books, of course. Old books, new books, books for kids, books for adults, books for adults that want to be kids, books about squirrels, books that are to be read at the speed of life (or whatever marketing copy James Patterson is flogging this week), mystery books, fantastic books, run-of-the-mill books that have been assigned by local teachers because even the most "run-of-the-mill" book is better than staring at a screen for hours on end, historical books, futuristic books, and if there are genres yet to be invented, you can be assured that we'll have them on our shelves.