In Search of Mozart - Great Composers Series

  • Location
  • Grand Cinema
    • 606 S Fawcett Ave
    • Tacoma, WA

The Great Composers is a series that celebrates the lives of four legendary classical musicians: Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, and Haydn. These globally celebrated films each explore a great composer’s life through their work. The music, performed by eminent artists, is intertwined with the composer’s life and letters. Internationally celebrated documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky travelled the world over several years to film first class performances, and interview musicians and historians of the highest regard.

In Search of Mozart charts the composer’s life through his music with over 80 works featured. His letters reveal an extraordinary person, full of joy, passion, and sensitivity.

  • Thursday, Apr. 30, 2020
  • Location: 606 S Fawcett Ave, Tacoma, WA
  • Time: 6:45 PM
In Search of Mozart - Great Composers Series