Geeks Who Drink


Geeks Who Drink Trivia is always on Tuesdays....What is this, you ask? Here's the short version: Geeks Who Drink is a homegrown Pub Trivia Quiz modeled after those in Ireland and the UK. The quizzes cover everything from celebrities in trouble to wordplay to bad television. It's played in teams but don't worry if you don't have one; we can put you on one when you come in. Winning teams receive street cred, and $15 and $20 gift cards. And remember: this isn't Final Jeopardy, so no pressure!

  • Tuesday, Feb. 25 - Tuesday, Mar. 31, 2020
  • Location: 1904 S Jefferson Ave, Tacoma, WA
  • Phone: (253) 572-2821
  • Time: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: Free
Geeks Who Drink
  • February 25, 2020 to April 1, 2020
  • The Swiss Restaurant + Pub
  • Free