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ESP at the HIVE 
September 20, 2022
Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Leanne Calderwood ESP

Leanne Calderwood, CMP

Booking the Business:

A Rapid-Fire SalesToolkit
for Booking Meetings and Events

It's tough in the best of times, and as our clients return to planning meetings with shorter timelines, it can be difficult to get their attention and meet our own business objectives! In this interactive and honest session, Leanne provides a framework of how to break through the clutter, set you message apart and make you (and your product) unforgettable to your meeting planning clients.

Learning objectives:

Create a connection between our organization's
vision, brand, and sales assets

Learn the importance of diversifying our sales strategy
to nurture relationships

Rapid-fire best practices for phone, email,
​and tradeshow appearances


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