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The Hive 2021:

Leading to a Brighter Future
September 28, 2021
8:00 AM-6:00 PM PT
Lynnwood Convention Center
3711 196th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036




Don’t miss the ESPA Sponsored Breakout, featuring Dan Haygeman at the Hive 2021!


"Thriving in The New Game of Business"

The "game" we call "business" has changed. The practices and points of view that helped us each be successful in the past are not sufficient to support success in the way the world works now. Sadly, being even slightly out of touch with the way the world works today takes our best re-doubled efforts in the wrong direction . . . and each of us is unlikely to be aware that this is even what’s happening.

Strangely, winning in the new game of business depends not so much on ones effort, but more on the lens through which a person is seeing the world and the moves one is able to make as a result of the new points of view that a new lens creates.

In this breakout we will take a different look through a new lens and discover new ways of creating success for ourselves, our companies, and our families.




Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:


1. Orient themselves in a way that captures the new reality we are living in. Not simply a post-COVID orientation, but an orientation to a massive change that has been occurring over a substantial period of time and produced a way of looking at the world of business in a way that is completely ineffective in our current situation. ;

2. Be introduced to a simple yet powerful model for creating win/agreements that is aimed directly at this “New Game of Business.”

3. See the overarching significance of ‘mood’ in creating business success and personal delight . . . as well as a path to managing one’s mood for maximum effectiveness.

4. See distinctions between the ‘Four Levels of a Customer’ that reliably produce quality referrals and repeat sales.


Dan Haygeman’s entire professional career has been focused on helping people make powerful shifts in their ability to create what is truly most important to them. He has worked in teams with other outstanding coaches inside such major corporations as AT&T and Capital One. One of Dan’s long-standing clients is a Fortune 100 aerospace company, where he has a member of the faculty for their prestigious ‘Engineering Leadership Program.’ 

He continues to apply his coaching skills as well as his professional certification in the Harrison Assessment, a world-renowned precision behavioral development tool for individuals in both small and large companies. 

​Dan has assisted well over a thousand high performing leaders to identify and shift the single high-leverage behavior that will produce breakthrough results in the area they care most about.

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