Industrious Arts

Thursday, April 23, 2015 2:14 PM by Travel Tacoma

All across Tacoma dozens of working artists are transforming functional materials into art. Glassblowers, foundries, letterpress printers and sculptors produce a stunning variety of art, from giant outdoor installations to the finest filigreed jewelry.

By outward appearances, Tacoma hasn’t forsaken its hardscrabble image, but scratch the surface and the keen-eyed visitor will discover a trove of artisanal gems, hidden behind the city’s industrial facade.

Guerrilla Art Highlight
Sometimes the way art is presented in Tacoma is as innovative at the art itself. Some of the most cutting-edge are can be found on telephone poles and alley walls. Learn more...


Metal Arts Highlight
Never mind that Tacoma's 20th century industrial past comes from paper, not steel. Metals now make up a significant portion of the arts scene. Learn more...


Books of Art

Tacoma, once a town of paper mills is now a printmaking mecca with talented letterpress artists galore. In fact, printmaking is now one of
the dominate art forms in the city. Learn more...

Glass Arts Highlight
As birthplace of glassblowing legend Dale Chihuly, Tacoma is most closely identified with its glass art. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that glass art is everywhere. 
Learn more...

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