We just hired Matt Wakefield as our new communications manager (you can read the official press release here), and rather than have him give a canned statement, we decided to grill him on five random questions:

1. What are the first websites you visit every day?

Before I’ve had my coffee, I bounce to Tacoma News Tribune for what’s up locally, Shanghaiist to get my China fix and then Fark.com for the weird news and trollarious comments. After coffee, I’m back to mixing business with pleasure on Hootsuite.

2. If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be, and why?

I’d save my passport because that one document is so many different things. It’s a souvenir from the places I’ve visited. It’s a traveling companion that’s seen me at my best and worst. It’s an all-access pass to most of the world.

3. What’s your lucky number, and how did it become your lucky number?

32. I’ve been a Seahawks fan since I was sleeping in a crib, and I’ll never forget John L. Williams wearing that number. I had a poster of him on my wall, so that was the first and last thing I saw every day until I was 10. It’s freaky how lucky his number has been for me. I should write him a letter.

4. What are your hobbies?

I love beer: Talking about beer, writing about beer, tasting beer and making beer. I brew a pretty drinkable dunkelweizen during the summer and a strong (8.5%) winter ale when it gets cold. I also love traveling, but that usually ends up tying back to beer since most cities have a cool local microbrew scene. Oh, and I like hiking, but that sometimes ends up tying back to beer as well. #NatureBeer

5. What do you never leave home without?

Aside from the four things that I think most guys feel naked without (keys, wallet, phone, watch), my notebook is my lifeline. The people around me say too many smart things to not write them down.