Enhance Your Experience

What is Voluntourism?
Voluntourism is the act of volunteering while you are a tourist or visitor. Voluntourism can be anything from helping clean up local walking trails to helping with children's organizations. Being a voluntourist is an enriching and fulfilling opportunity to experience a destination in a unique light. 

Why Volunteer?
Voluntourists are rewarded with a one-of-a-kind destination experience that is not available through typical visitor activities. It gives an opportunity to go above and beyond as a visitor and positively affect the destination. Voluntourists can look back on their trip and remember their good deeds and know they made a positive contribution to the local community and/or environment.

Voluntourism Opportunities

Are you planning a meeting? 
Voluntourism is the perfect opportunity to do good to give back to the community and engage your attendees and delegates. Interested in voluntourism for your next meeting? Learn More...

Are you visiting?
If you're traveling to the Tacoma + Pierce County area and looking to enhance your experience while working with local businesses, then voluntourism is the perfect opportunity for you! Learn More...

Interested in Volunteering?

The Tacoma Regional Convention + Visitor Bureau would love to help you find the right voluntourism activity during your stay. Contact Marcus Carney at [253] 284-3266 or email.