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The Tacoma Regional Convention + Visitor Bureau drives business into our members’ doors. Reach the 4.684 million visitors and $880 million in travel expenditures in Pierce County. See increased visitor and conference business through referrals from our Visitor Information Center.

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Check out TRCVB membership benefits or contact Melinda Lowe, Business Development Manager at [253] 284-3267 or email.

What our members are saying

Adriatic Grill
Monique Trudnowski | Manager / Proprietor

“With the year we just had, who can afford to not be strategic about their business? Gone are the days where businesses would wait for customers and business to come to them. Being a member of the TRCVB, I am given numerous opportunities to seek out potential guests. From Pierce County residents to travelers, the TRCVB staff provides me with leads, marketing opportunities and tangible money making possibilities. I am committed to playing offensively for my business’s future. The TRCVB is on the same page, and are on my team!”

Hotel Murano
Jeff Bowe, CTP | Sales Account Executive

“If you are serious about packaged travel and creating partnerships that drive tourists your way, join the TRCVB. We could never accomplish alone what we do in conjunction with the TRCVB. The staff there is an invaluable resource, and they make it fun, too!”

Starline Luxury Coaches
Robert Ferguson | Vice President, Sales + Marketing

“We have found that by joining the TRCVB our exposure to the market on the whole south end has grown and the leads we get through this membership have been excellent…. I would highly recommend joining the TRCVB to anyone who wants to grow their business in the Tacoma area.”