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EventForce Inc.

  • 1323 102nd Ave N.E.
  • Bellevue, WA 98004
  • (206) 427-0574

Excellent young adults to support your conferences, meetings and tradeshows.

EventForce is a provider of temporary labor to events and conferences using trained young adults from numerous Master's Commission programs in Australia, Canada, United States and Europe.

Company History and Profile

EventForce was formed to meet two needs. The temporary staffing industry was requiring laborers with a higher ethical and moral standard who could not only serve at an event but represent the intended quality of the event sponsor. On the other hand, Master's Commission programs around the country were attempting to raise the level of their fundraising in order to supplement their program expenses and provide opportunities for more young adults. EventForce became the bridge that connected both these needs.

EventForce began working with three Master's Commission programs in July of 1999 and staffed five events that year. Since then, EventForce has used over 40 programs and provides staffing to approximately 60 events annually. EventForce works with logistic planners from major corporations, event planning companies, registration companies, and those organizations that supply everything from transportation to technical services at any size event or any activity leading up to, during or following an event. Clients served across the country vary, with the majority of events for the Microsoft Corporation.