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Emerging Sales Professionals 
ESP Symposia History
Emerging Sales Professionals Association (ESPA), a Washington State Non-Profit Corporation provides professional development training for sales staff of all skill levels and years of experience in publicly owned convention and meeting venues with a focus on training the next generation of sales leaders. ESPA is endorsed by the International Association of Venue Managers (IAVM) and by Convention Sales Professionals (CSPI) and is a CMP Preferred Provider. ESPA members include public convention and meeting venues in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

ESP1 September 17, 2014 • Washington State Convention Center
Program: Convention Center 101; The What, Who, When, Where and Why of Public Facilities. Presented by managers from five convention center representing different governmental and management structures.
In partnership with the MPI/PCMA Meetings Industry Summit
ESP2 April 22, 2015 • Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center
Program: Becoming Preferred; How to Outsell your Competition, Presented by Michael Vickers
Following IAVM’s Region 4 Conference
ESP3 October 20, 2015 • Oregon Convention Center
Program: What’s Hot and What’s Not in Group Contracting: Take a Deeper Dive into Planner & Supplier Negotiations; Presented by Greg Duff.
In partnership with Meeting Professionals International - Oregon Chapter
ESP4 May 11, 2016 • Washington State Convention Center
Program: Naked Negotiating: Revealing Successful Negotiating Maneuvers for Convention Center and Venue Professionals. Strip Away Old Habits, Develop New Strategies and Start Creating a Difference in the Negotiation Process; Presented by Deborah Gardner
In partnership with the IAVM’s Region 4 Conference
ESP5 September 15, 2016 • Maydenbauer Convention Center
Program: HOT TECHNOLOGIRES; Presented by Jim Spellos
In partnership with the MPI/PCMA Meetings Industry Summit
ESP6 May 3, 2017• Maydenbauer Convention Center
Program: Meetings Beyond Logistics: Becoming Consultative Sales & Marketing Professionals; Presented by Joan Eisenstodt. What’s Ethics Got to do With It? Selling and Marketing with Reputations in Mind; Presented by Joan Eisenstodt
ESP7 September 28, 2017 • Microsoft Visitors Center
Program: Prospecting for New Business – “Misuses” and “Must Do’s”; Presented by Bob Anderson. Think Different. Sound Different. SELL Different!; Presented by Bob Anderson
Upcoming Symposia
ESP8 September 17, 2018 • Washington State Convention Center
Program: Build the Sales Pipeline; A 4-hour session presented by Bob Anderson
ESP9 September / October 2018 • TBD
Program: TBD