Special Opportunity for CVB Food + Beverage Members

Monday, November 19, 2012 12:59 PM by Andrea Mensink

Transform a CVB Office into Your Personal Tasting Room
Invite CVB members to dine at your restaurant or indulge at your sweet shop by showcasing 1-2 of your signature items at the CVB's Open House + Holiday Party.
Who Should Participate: All TRCVB Food + Beverage Members

Why Participate?
Encourage front line tourism professionals to be ambassadors of your cuisine. Enable them to make knowledgeable recommendations to the visitors they assist each day!
Caterers: Connect with event venues and hotels from around the region and develop new partnerships!
All: Promote your lesser known offerings and services to a group of local residents in the hospitality industry:
  • Are you known for your dinner menu but want to increase business during the lunch hour? Front line service professionals can encourage their guests to dine with you during slower times.
  • Have a well-known restaurant or venue with a lesser-known catering department? Get the word out to the hoteliers and event planners in attendance.
  • Do you have new/expanded menus and services such as branded desserts, take-out, private dining, winter menus, etc? Showcase your new attributes at the event!
  • Encourage attendees to sign up for your eNewsletters, ?like? you on Facebook and more to engage them post event.

Thursday, Dec. 13 from 3-6 p.m.

How Do I Participate?
Provide 200 signature items to showcase

Sign Me Up!
Email andrea@traveltacoma.com to confirm your participation.

Author: Andrea Mensink


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