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A hand-selected group of 13 leading meeting planners are about to experience Tacoma and Pierce County like never before. The planners come from major national companies such as HarperCollins Publishers, Under Armour and TESSCO Technologies. Combined, the 13 planners will organize more than 184 meetings next year.
Melinda Lowe joins the TRCVB marketing and communications department as business development manager. She will be responsible for generating revenue through partner and sponsor investments for the TRCVB. She will work closely with President + CEO Bennish Brown to strategically maintain and grow these private revenue funds.
Visitors finding themselves near Mount Rainier National Park can still seek adventure in the surrounding mountain communities. There are plenty of hikes, attractions and hotels located just outside the national park boundaries that will satisfy any adventure-seeker. All Washington State Parks and privately operated attractions outside park boundaries remain open.